Friday, August 20, 2010

$1 a Day

I am making $1 a day so far on Suite101 with just 20 articles. So yes, there is money to be made at Suite101.

It will be interesting to see what happens to earnings as my articles age, search engines find them, and my back linking takes effect.

If there are people making more than that with a similar body of work, they aren't posting on the forums. I am seeing a lot of posts from people who feel they aren't making enough money...with less than 5 articles.

Listen, folks, you have to do the work. Once the work is done, the money rolls in for years to come with little additional input. But if you are going to write 1 article and give up because you didn't instantly make $50, you are deluded about how this works.

Write until you hit 50 articles.

Take a deep breath and review earnings.

If earnings suck, your SEO probably sucks too. So fix it.

Then write 50 more.

Then move on to another site and do the same thing to diversify your income.

And keep adding articles to Suite.

That's it. The secret money making formula.


  1. Wow, congrats on making it to $1 a day on Suite 101! And with only 20 articles, that's really good.

    I currently have 63 articles on Suite, but I just made it to $20 this month. I know I need to work on my SEO, even though my articles are well written, so I'm changing tactics and not looking back until I reach 100.

  2. Rachel:

    It depends on how old the articles are too. In my experience, they need to age 3-6 months before your earnings start maturing. Until then, it's a crapshoot.

    I probably should've mentioned in my post that 10 articles are 6 months old and 10 are from August. The older ones are pulling in the most traffic.

    And work on your SEO too!