Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some Important Thoughts on Adsense and Back Links

I am going to try to bang this out before my toddler takes command of the keyboard--I made the mistake of showing her Starfall.com and all I hear now is 'Letter? Letters? LETTERS?' followed by desperate scrabbling for the keyboard.

Anyway. Willow is talking about back links that use adsense on her blog today and I wanted to share, what I think is, an important view point on the topic.

Adsense. If you build back links that contain your Adsense ID to sites that also contain your Adsense ID, guess what? Google knows it's you and they know you're trying to pump up your site's credibility. Artificially so in their eyes.

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: This doesn't pertain so much to back links for ehow content. So if you've only ever written for ehow, you can read this and file it away in the 'Good to know' drawer. Eventually you will get involved with Adsense because that is the next logical step forward after establishing yourself at ehow. You will need to know this adsense stuff someday.

This information is important if you have niche websites because Google is not thrilled with internet marketers. They don't like people trying to 'game' the system. So linking to your niche sites in a way they can spot (like using your Adsense ID on back link sites) may actually hurt your page rank and authority.

Some people work around this by setting up a second adsense account, which is technically against Google's terms of service and can get internet marketers in BIG trouble. Which is why I don't suggest a second adsense account until you are well versed in the dark arts of internet marketing. Google does not give second chances. One mistake and you are OUT of the game...for LIFE.

I do not have a second Google account precisely for this reason. What you don't know can hurt you when it comes to internet marketing. Always proceed with caution and as much information as you can amass lest you wake the dragon Google.

Other niche bloggers work around this by just not filling in their ad sense id on back link sites with revenue sharing. They forgo the profits and just go for the back links.

What I do is, open multiple accounts. I put my adsense on accounts linking back to ehow or other content online that does not also have my adsense id attached to it. Then I open a second account for my niche sites and I don't fill in my adsense id. That allows me to both earn revenue when possible and to build rank and authority for my niche sites.

Edited to Add: Willow has shared that her approach has been successful for her. However, I am still leery. I've read so many sob stories of internet marketers who lost their Adsense account--going from $3000 a month to $0--that I am very protective of my Adsense account. I don't want Google to think my niches are any less sincere than any other website out there.


  1. Great post! I can completely understand that your are leery of this, especially when Google is so strict on Publishers.

    I haven't had a problem yet, but I will remember your advice in the future and I think you have some great ideas here for getting around this problem. Not adding your Adsense ID would be a good idea if you're worried about bad Google juice and you were only in it for the back links.

    I also would not advocate getting a second Google account, as you don't want to be banned from using Adsense forever. (I've heard of this happening to people who tried to scam the system.)

    So far Google seems to be cool with me and doesn't appear to be penalizing my site for getting back links from other sites that use my Publisher ID. But, I may be completely wrong and it's just too early to tell. I'll definitely keep an eye on things and let you know if things get weird. Lol.

    Thanks for the great advice and I'll also link to this post so my readers can get both sides of the story and decide for themselves. :)


  2. I read Willow's article earlier today and I happen to agree with her. The links may not hurt you, but they may not be weighted as heavily as others.

    I totally agree with you though about avoiding creating more than one Adsense account. Google won't look highly upon this at all. I would say though that a corporate entity is different than an individual. (The difference between a SS# and a business Tax ID#.

    I created Snipsly.com in the hopes that those who wanted to generate revenue could, while those who simply wanted to generate backlinks could do so as well.

  3. This "information" just came out of your ass or what? This is backed up by nothign other than a rumour you're spreading amongst your friends? Get real, this is based on nothing, NOTHING, don't pretend the contrary.